I’m 30 Years Old! Now What?!

I have OFFICIALLY reached the new quarter-life milestone!

I just hit the milestone in February. I am married to my soulmate with a baby and I am still very happy with being the typical millennial — possessing all the qualities that my generation are known to possess.

As I stared at the mirror in self-pity at turning 30, asking, “Now what?” now that I might no longer be little anymore, my wife offered a surprising revelation: “Look at all that you have to look forward to!”

I was completely confused…

She smiled. “You’re only 30! You still look as sexy as you did when I met you, and you have nothing holding you back. You have a long and successful life ahead of you, filled with so many more adventures.” Then, after a pause, she added, “And we will be doing it together!” Prior to turning 30, I began to contemplate if I have “figured it out” or not. What I’ve begun to realize is that the fact is that at 30, I have figured everything out!

I realized that so many people in their early 30s are thinking about the next 10 years or the next 20 years and I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes. As opposed to working solely towards the next stage in life thinking you’ll be happier when you have XYZ, take more time being present and enjoying what you currently have. These are the best years of your life!

Admittedly, I was terrified of turning 30, and I felt so set in my adolescence that I really didn’t know if I wanted to — or even could — come out of it. It was almost an addiction. But now, I would NOT change a thing. These are truly the best years of my life.

Here’s to another 30 years!


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