How Is Married Life?

The question that has plagued all newlyweds from the first day they got married and for apparently the years to come after the wedding. My wife and I got married about a year ago and this question still seems like an appropriate question to ask. It’s usually asked by those people that have lost touch with my wife and I or do not see us often and have no idea what to say since they don’t know what’s going on in our lives anymore. My problem with this question is that it really has no answer.

The question can not be answered with a simple, “good,” “bad,” “I hate it,” “It’s the best fucking thing in the world” because the answer to this question depends on what happened that day, what happened that hour, or what happened five minutes ago. It depends on what has happened between you and your partner on every single moment of your married life.

If you had asked me how married life was last month when wifey surprised me with the best birthday party ever, I would have said something along the lines of “married life is amazing!” If you had asked her a couple days ago when she went to use the bathroom and was greeted by what can only be described as the Mount Olympus of shits, she would have said something like, “it is disgusting and so hard!”

So to answer this question for all those people asking, “Married life is how you take every single moment of every single day… so stop asking!”

To married people who ask this question of other married people: You know very well what marriage is like!


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