Who Are Your Favourite Bloggers?

WordPress Friends, Today’s post boils down to a simple question. With a toddler, discovering new blogs isn’t always possible. WordPress used to have the community pool and First Fridays which were great opportunities for bloggers to showcase their work. Lately, I’ve found myself scrolling through the reader stumbling upon great posts and then not rememberingContinue reading “Who Are Your Favourite Bloggers?”

Splat Mat- How I Love Thee

DAYTIME. INTERIOR. There are two characters SPLAT MAT & ME. ME is walking through the aisles of a store that caters to little people of all ages. Hello by Lionel Ritchie can be heard in the background. SPLAT MAT: Hello? ME stops and tries to identify who or what is calling her. SPLAT MAT: IsContinue reading “Splat Mat- How I Love Thee”

The First Year Of Motherhood

Dear Fellow Mama In Waiting, Welcome to the mom tribe. I know how you must be feeling right now, I know because I’ve been there too. These last few weeks have felt excruciatingly long, you’re hot and exhausted and everyone keeps asking if the baby is here. It’s easy to feel not only anxious butContinue reading “The First Year Of Motherhood”

Daily Rituals- Part 2: Getting Fresh Air

If I don’t get out of the house every day I feel stuffy. This became especially true when I became a mom. For my sake and my daughter’s rain or shine, we try to get out even if it’s for a walk around the block. She loves to observe people and the world around her.Continue reading “Daily Rituals- Part 2: Getting Fresh Air”

Daily Rituals: Part 1- Coffee

I’m gonna come out and say it- I am NOT a morning person by choice. So, of course, I was blessed with a child who loves to wake up early. It starts off quietly. I hear some movement and I whisper to myself oh please no. Then I hear umgedigadigo… I think to myself – OkayContinue reading “Daily Rituals: Part 1- Coffee”

Why I Unintentionally Took A Blogging Break

I wrote this post in my head a thousand times before I finally decided to take the plunge and actually write it out. In my head, I would try to explain why it has taken me so long to come back and how it happened. Honestly, It happened slowly, missed one day of blogging, okayContinue reading “Why I Unintentionally Took A Blogging Break”

Feline Fury: The One About Naps

Lady Butler, My love for naps knows no bounds. I nap anytime, anywhere. One of my favourite places to nap is your lap. It’s been one of my favourites since I was a kitten. I know I’m adorable, soft and cuddly. I also know that you find it hard to keep your paws to yourselfContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About Naps”

My Daughter Has A Best Friend And It’s Not Me

I met my daughter’s best friend through a picture. My husband and I were coming home from an off the grid weekend in Boston. As we got into a taxi heading home I turned my data on to see a flood of text messages and pictures. Did you see the pictures I sent over? P.sContinue reading “My Daughter Has A Best Friend And It’s Not Me”