Italian Food Without The Meatballs

This year, my wife and I decided to go Vegan. We decided to go vegan or plant-based for various reasons, but mainly for the animals, to help stop climate change, be a role-model for our daughter and to improve and maintain our wellbeing. Our dietary requirements were tricky at first, as we did not wantContinue reading “Italian Food Without The Meatballs”

Waffles Or Crepes?

I recently went out on a dessert date with Wifey and while browsing the menu, I suddenly realized that I was not able to make a decision. “I can’t decide what to eat! Why is decision making so hard!” I think sometimes I am scared to make up my mind on which dessert to try.Continue reading “Waffles Or Crepes?”

Zeppole – Traditional Italian Fritters

As with most Saint Day’s in Italy, there is a special sweet treat that my family eats to commemorate the first day of spring. On the first day of spring throughout all of Southern Italy, my family heads to the local Italian bakery to purchase the traditional Zeppole of Saint Giuseppe. Zeppole are donut likeContinue reading “Zeppole – Traditional Italian Fritters”