My Wife Has A Cold! Help!

We’ve all heard of the Man Cold, right? You know, when grown men act like toddlers and the world ends because they got a sniffle? For the sake of full disclosure – as a man and a husband, I have most certainly experienced a Man Cold. The six words that strike fear into the heart ofContinue reading “My Wife Has A Cold! Help!”

Gross Isn’t It?

I was sitting beside my wife in the delivery room as a nurse attempted the Epidural administration. It’s an unpleasant procedure that forces a large needle into the spine via the lower back. As the tube was shoved home, my wife began to close her eyes, grasping on the bars of her bed. It wasContinue reading “Gross Isn’t It?”

Setting Boundaries With Grandparents

The bond between a grandchild and a grandparent is so very special. While the excitement of a newborn may cause some grandparents to”forget” about your very clear and concise instructions when caring for your child, it doesn’t make it okay. We all know that setting boundaries with our children might pose challenges, but nothing prepares a new parent for tellingContinue reading “Setting Boundaries With Grandparents”

Some People Cope Well With Exhaustion – I Am Not One Of Them

Some people cope well with exhaustion. I am not one of them. Some people get up after a rotten night’s sleep, try to wake themselves with a hot shower, then slug back a coffee or two. By the time they’ve left the house, you wouldn’t know they’d hardly slept. I am not one of thoseContinue reading “Some People Cope Well With Exhaustion – I Am Not One Of Them”

Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage

Growing up, travel wasn’t done very often and when our family got around to traveling we always went to visit family. The notion of travelling somewhere where there wouldn’t be a family member waiting for us at the airport was unheard of. Whenever we traveled it served a purpose. Either to visit a sick relative,Continue reading “Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Partner Before Marriage”

How Is Married Life?

The question that has plagued all newlyweds from the first day they got married and for apparently the years to come after the wedding. My wife and I got married about a year ago and this question still seems like an appropriate question to ask. It’s usually asked by those people that have lost touchContinue reading “How Is Married Life?”

The Stages Of Toy Assembly As New Parents

Having children usually means lots and lots of toys around the house. And sometimes those toys aren’t quite ready for children straight out of the packaging. The dreaded words “assembly required” can make any day more stressful than relaxed. Below is a list of “encounters” were sure all new parents have experienced when assembling toysContinue reading “The Stages Of Toy Assembly As New Parents”

Tips For Dealing With Difficult Family

Much of life is shaped by the choices we make. We choose where we want to work and where we will live. We choose friends and partners. Most of us also choose who we marry (if we choose to marry). When we commit to someone, typically we are agreeing not only to commit to them, but to what—andContinue reading “Tips For Dealing With Difficult Family”

The Funniest Pick Up Line Ever Said To Me

Before my husband, I didn’t really have too much of a dating life. In that time, I heard some ridiculous, downright dumb, borderline offensive pick up lines. Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am talking to a smoking hot man thinking no way am I this guy’s type. I had zero expectationsContinue reading “The Funniest Pick Up Line Ever Said To Me”