Feline Fury – The One About The Dog

Lady Butler, Who or what is that furry thing? Never mind. Let me address the source. Heh….Heh….what is wrong with your tail? Oh boy, you sure do move around a lot. Why are you here? HEY! What are you trying to sniff back there? Excuse me? What do you think you are doing eating myContinue reading “Feline Fury – The One About The Dog”

Feline Fury: The One About The Throne

Lady Butler, Hi. Me again. The one commonly referred to as Big Baby. I can’t help but notice that an extra throne has been brought into Mi Casa. Unlike my throne, everyone sits around this new throne while eating. I know you’ll come home any day now with my new throne. Don’t worry, I’ll act surprisedContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About The Throne”

Feline Fury: The One About Creeping

Lady Butler, I think you might be a little confused about how we play, allow me to clarify. I like creeping up on you but I do NOT like it when you creep up on me. Here I am exploring uncharted territory and you nearly knocked one of my nine lives off. When did youContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About Creeping”

Feline Fury: The One About ‘No’

Lady Butler, I have a teeny tiny confession to make, although I suspect you already know. So remember those times you said: No… don’t do that. No… don’t do this. No… what are you doing? Weellll… I kinda, sorta, do it anyway, not because I don’t understand but because I CAN. You say no, IContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About ‘No’”

Feline Fury: The One About The Squirrel

It’s about time we had a little talk you and I. Yeah I’m talking to you, I’m looking at you. Don’t look away. In case you haven’t noticed this is my turf and I am NOT big on sharing. I will let you off with a kind warning this time and call it a simpleContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About The Squirrel”

Feline Fury: The One About The Doors

Lady Butler, You did something today that sent me into a fury. I think you know what I am talking about. We’ve gone through this already. Mi Casa es su Casa and in mi casa we don’t close any doors. I guess you didn’t get the memo this morning. I forgive you but don’t letContinue reading “Feline Fury: The One About The Doors”